SingleCut Beersmiths

Nothing compliments wood-smoked barbecue like a perfectly-crafted beer. So Salt & Bone went out in search of a brew that would knock-the-socks off our ravenous guests. We didn’t have to go far to find our one-true-beer love - SingleCut Beersmiths. In 2012 west-coast-brew-obsessed and local boy Rich Buceta made a splash on the New York beer scene by adding his east-coast twist to hops-driven beers. Like his hometown brethren at Salt & Bone, Rich created a place where rock & roll and food & booze meld to make for one badass experience. Plain and simple, we know good barbecue, they know great beer, and like the other we “always demand greatness, never compromise, and play our music at maximum volume.”

Compart Family Farms

Always doing what is right and never cutting corners" has always been the Compart's family-philosophy. It's methods like keeping an extra-watchful eye on their pigs and listening to what their customers want that has lead this third-generation of swine farmers to create a product that is second to none. At Salt & Bone we only source our pork for our pulled pork and pork sausage from Compart. This means you're getting some of the tastiest and award-winning pork in the world.

Creekstone Farms

At Creekstone, all-American Angus cattle is the name of the game. But it's how and where they raise their cattle that's the big-deal for us at Salt & Bone. Creekstone raises these tender and tasty creatures with world-class humaine practices from the time they are born. On top of these practices, all Creekstone cattle are born and raised right here in the U.S. - a region known for the best Angus beef in the world.

Coleman Natural Foods

Coleman Farms puts animal welfare above all. They are dedicated to their animals in every way and believe in raising them the way nature intended. They'll admit to you that what they're doing isn't the easiest nor the cheapest; but by doing what is best for the animals and the planet you're getting the best possible product


Fossil Farms

Drive down a quiet-winding road in New Jersey and you might just stumble upon fields filled with bison, ostrich, and emu's. It's here at their main farm that Fossil Farms maintains their commitment to "offering all natural, farm-raised exotic meats and game that are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids." By preserving the integrity of these animals, they are not only doing what's best for your belly - they're doing what's best for our future.

Goffle Road Poultry Farms

For three generations, Goffle Road Poultry Farms has raised free-range poultry right here in New Jersey. Unlike other poultry farms you won't find any steriods, antibiotics, or animal by-products here. All of their poultry are home-grown and naturally processed - a hard thing to find these days so close to home.